Book reviews

On this page you can find a list of books that are currently being offered for review. Should you wish to review one of the titles, please contact the editorial team to check for availability. You can also propose other recently published titles that fall within the scope of the journal.

Albertini, M.,  Deliso, C., 2015. The Vatican’s Challenges in the Balkans: Bolstering the Catholic Church in 2015 and

Mujanović, J. 2018., Hunger and Fury: The crisis of democracy in the Balkans. C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd.

Roksandić Vidlička, S. 2017. Prosecuting serious economic crimes as international crimes – A new mandate for the ICC? Duncker & Humblot.

The review copies are available at the Institute for Development and International Relations (Ulica Ljudevita Farkaša Vukotinovića 2, 10 000 Zagreb). For inquiries on other possible arrangements, please contact us at